SINEW is a collaboration between the Buffalo base dance company Lehrer Dance and Colleen Ludwig. SINEW is a dance performance that takes place inside Ludwig’s Shiver. John Lehrer and Colleen Ludwig created the work in 2014 when Shiver was installed at the Burchfield Penney Art Center (BPAC) in Buffalo NY. In a short residence period inside the gallery, we created a piece motivated by the features of Shiver: its translucent walls, patterns of water flows and the syncopated rhythms that the solenoids make when you trigger them to open and close by activating the programmed work.



Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo New York, 2014

with Lehrer Dance, Jon Lehrer, Director

Lehrer Dance and Ludwig have applied for funding to expand this creative exploration. Our aim is to produce an evening length work that can tour. The new version of SINEW will be an innovative multidisciplinary composition that fuses new choreography, technology, costume, and sound with the electronic installation.

Ludwig’s Shiver will serve as the foundation for the work. It will form the basis for our poetic statement that water and light are energies that interlock the body and environment. Every movement causes a rippling effect that reverberates through space and time.