Shiver is work of architectural sculpture. Sensors in the ceiling of a 10’x10’x14’ constructed room recognize people’s presence. They react by changing the positions of delicate, curvy water currents running down the wall. Each time someone moves, the room clicks in response, and the rivulets change location to correspond to the body’s position in space. I worked with an interdisciplinary team in engineering, architecture, computer science, sculpture and new-media to build Shiver.


Shiver, Burchfield Penny Art Center, Buffalo, NY, 2013-14

Machine Wilderness, ISEA International Festival and Conference Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, NM, 2012

Watershed: Art, Activism and Community Engagement, Union Gallery, UW, Milwaukee, 2010


Media: Aluminum, polycarbonate, plumbing and filtration systems, solenoid valves, IR-bounce beam sensors, circuitry, wiring, fabric and water