10% Impervious



10% Impervious is a three-dimensional graph of the waterways that make up the Greater Milwaukee watersheds.  In 2011, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District removed three miles of concrete along each of the Kinickkinnic and Menomenee Rivers. 


Watershed: Art, Activism and Community Engagement, Union Art Gallery, UW, Milwaukee, 2011

Sculptural Installation with light box, 4’ h x 23’ w x 12’ d, as installed

Wire, mylar, wood, lamps, monofilament

Collaboration with Jarod Charzewski

The riverbeds were paved in the 1970s to prevent flooding and erosion.  Because concrete is impervious, it doesn’t allow water to infiltrate the soil and damages the riparian environment.  Each 10% increase in impervious surface causes additional environmental damage.